Using Schedule Anyone made it very easy for us to take online bookings since a lot of our customers book during non-business hours, we saved time on payroll and most importantly we don't use pen and paper to keep track of walk-ins.

Ulux Nail Spa testimonial

All the features that your Salon needs

Automated features to make your life easy and your business more successful
Loyalty Program
Increase guest frequency, spend and build lasting relationships with clients using our flexible & scalable loyalty program.
Point of Sale
Designed for the unique requirements of nail salons. Integrated with the appointment book to make everything easy for your team.
Client Self Check-In
Clients can self check-in at the front desk. Great way to have clients provide their contact info.
Intelligent scheduling
Fully customizable schedule, services, booking alerts, with many time saving features.
Online Booking
Take appointments from your website, phone, custom branded app or social media. View them all in one calendar.
Email & Text Reminders
Automate client communications, focus on the clients you are with. Reduce no-shows with client confirmations.
Client management
Store info on clients, appointments, history, notes and past purchases. Easily find client info in seconds.
Save hundreds of hours per year by automating staff payroll. No more counting receipts.
Recurring appointments
Schedule a whole series of future appointments in seconds. Keep clients coming back for repeat business.
Secure payments
Our feature-rich platform makes it easy for your customers to pay for services and products.
Multi-Location Support
Easily manage and track multiple locations on one calendar. Manage staff across locations.
Custom Mobile App
Make your business convenient for your clients with a beautiful personally branded mobile app.
Your Own Website
Clients go to your website not an online directory with your competitors. Beautiful templates to showcase your business.
Staff Management
Give each staff exactly the info they need to be productive & successful. Role-based security to control access.
Turn Tracker
Allows tracking the nail technician's service half turn and full turn.
Put your brand on emails, text reminders and receipts. Improve client retention with email marketing and mobile app.
Gift Cards
Our digital gift card management tools make it easy to create, sell and track gift cards.
Incentivize clients and Increase your bottom line using Memberships by offering multiple visits at a flat rate .
Easily setup and manage continuing education classes, hands-on workshops or events.
Inventory Management
Quickly view snapshot of products in-stock, out of stock, low stock, or over-stock. Easy audits & automation.

Experience the Benefits Of Schedule Anyone

Whether your business has one or many employees, Schedule Anyone will get you up and running fast to start growing your business today

Point of Sale

Take payments on any device. Our secure & feature rich platform makes it easy for your clients to pay for services & products while providing maximum protection of your clients financial identity.
Loyalty Program

Easy Checkout
Quickly process any payment with support to easily manage your tips, tax, cash drawer, gift cards, loyalty, discounts, and commission.
Customized Receipts
Print, text, and email receipts with your branding, logo, website, and message; supports multiple payments on 1 ticket and 1 payment for multiple tickets.
Automaticly apply discounts for specific services, products, or combination of services and/or products; with ability to only apply discount on certain days and/or time of day.

Loyalty Program

Customize your own loyalty program – set earning rates, record loyalty points, and reward redemptions.

Automated Reminders and Confirmations
Increase Repeat Clients
Loyal regular clients means increased repeat sales and less money spent on marketing efforts.
Easy to Setup & Use
Loyalty program is super easy to setup in Schedule Anyone
POS System Integration
Integrated with the Schedule Anyone P.O.S. loyalty automatically added after appointments staff & clients won't break a sweat using it
Customer Self Check-In

Client Self Check-In

Self Sign-In allows clients to sign themselves in for appointments/class
Unshackle your administrative staff from the front desk

Build Client List
Create opportunity to collect client information for later email/text marketing campaigns
Check-In Alerts
Alert sent to staff when their client signs in
Improved Guest Experience
Create a modern and convenient check-in experience with no lines and no waiting for clients and walk-ins

Reminders & Confirmations

Communicating with clients personally can be time-consuming and unreliable. Automate email/text reminders and confirmations so clients know where they need to be and when.

automated reminders and confirmations
Customizable Reminders
You decide when clients receive confirmations, reminders, follow-ups, etc..
Appointment Confirmations
Automated clients confirmation requests to reduce no-shows.
Your Branding
Make it your own by adding your website, notes, logo, brand colors, images and social media links.
Staff Payroll management


Running payroll by hand can be messy and error prone Schedule Anyone saves you hundreds of hours per year by automating payroll

Customize product and service commission plans for each staff member
Clock In/Out
Staff can clock in/out through the mobile app, website or whatever suits your business
Timesheets can be automatically included in payroll or require your approval

Free Website

Create your online presence - showcase your services, client testimonials and allow a fast and direct contact to you. Your clients are already there - you just need to let them find you.

Free Website
Real-time updates
Easy to edit & maintain: Changes made to your contact info, services, staff and pricing display on the website in real-time
Beautiful Layouts
Beautiful responsive layouts designed for your business and optimized for aesthetics and speed on any device
Optimized For Results
Launch in minutes with minimal work: optimized for Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, etc..
Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Invite potential clients to experience your brand with gift cards. Our digital gift card management tools make it easy to create, sell and track gift cards.

Increase Sales
Deliver ultimate convenience to your clients. When its easy to do business with you, they'll visit again and again.
Track Gift Cards
Easily track your gift card sales and redemptions with the reporting tools built into Schedule Anyone
Your Branding
Give your gift cards a look that's unique to your business by adding your logo, your brand colors and images.


Easily send marketing messages to clients to increase bookings

Easy to learn and use
Marketing Emails & Texts
Easily send messages to specific types of customers, like clients who have not visited in a while
Build Brand Loyalty
Like all messages sent to your clients from Schedule Anyone the message includes your branding: your logo, your message, your website, your social media
Automatically send follow-up emails to increase re-booking
Easy to learn and use

Easy to Use

The best salon system and also easy to learn whether you're using a touch screen or keyboard

Fast Search
Everything is comfortably at your fingertips. Schedule Anyone is quick to move around and easy to navigate.
Designed For You
There are no complicated menus or detailed procedures to memorize. Just the functionality you need to get the job done.
Easy to Learn
Simple step-by-step processes guide new users through many common tasks, to help them become quickly familiar with Schedule Anyone.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Attract new clients, increase revenue, showcase your skills and grow your business using a beautiful custom branded mobile app.
Your Own Custom Branded Mobile App

Custom Mobile App for Your Clients

Take your business to a whole new level by offering your clients your own custom branded mobile app for your salon. Your clients can use the many features including booking appointments, request appointment, account details, history, gift vouchers and much more.

Forget the Old Way

And all the bad stuff that goes with it.

The Old Way

Do away with pen and paper appointments and all that eats into the time you and your team could be using productively to create value for your clients.

The Old Way

The New Way

Make your beauty business more efficient and effective by automating admin work and time-consuming tasks. Focus on what matters most: serving your customer.

The new way

A Few Words From Our Customers

Omar - Owner, Bonafide Barbershop
Using Schedule Anyone changed our business, we got busier quicker because of how easy it is to use for us and the clients... that’s the main game changer, it's easier for everybody who uses it for us or the clients.
Blake from Hair Revival
Blake - Owner, Hair Revival
I want everybody to know I absolutely love Schedule Anyone software and the people behind it they’re genuine; they have helped me in so many ways.
Omar from Bonafide Barbershop
Robert - Robert Andrew Habeeb
I would recommend Schedule Anyone to all hairstylist and salon owners...It really has made my business a lot easier.
Craft and Co Salon Logo
Craft & Co Salon
Our biggest breakthrough was our custom salon mobile app by Schedule Anyone. Clients can book their own appointments & pre-pay for the services so they can come in and out very quickly.
InvestWiz - iOS App Store
Very complete service that is able to handle all the scheduling needs of the client centered small business-and more! Web setup is super easy. App is intuitive and user-friendly. Excellent and responsive customer service-they are great to work with you.
Katherine Rundle - Google Store
Been using it for almost 2 years. It is perfect. I can block out time for when I'm not working. I can make private notes on a client's profile. I can block somebody from scheduling online if they were a no-show. Their customer service is absolutely amazing.

Straightforward pricing

Schedule Anyone literally pays for itself by recovering hours of leaked time every month.

Silver Simplest Business Solution

$ 39.99 /month
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Email & Text Reminders
  • Online Booking
  • Website Builder
  • Client Management
  • Integrated POS
  • Simple Inventory Management
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Waiting List
  • 2 Staff Login
  • Payroll
  • Marketing
  • Timesheets & Clock-In/Out
  • Client Membership Program
  • Client Loyalty Program

Gold Full Feature Business Solution

$ 25 /month
$ 5 /staff
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Email & Text Reminders
  • Online Booking
  • Website Builder
  • Client Management
  • Integrated POS
  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Waiting List
  • Login for each Staff
  • Payroll
  • Marketing
  • Timesheets & Clock-In/Out
  • Client Membership Program
  • Client Loyalty Program

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Data Upload

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