Take Charge Of Your Time & Business

Control Your Schedule

Set your working hours and block time off as needed. Make changes easily with simple drag/drop. View the entire schedule, or quickly filter by staff or location, so you never get lost in details again.
control your schedule

Email & Text Alerts
Get an text and/or email notification when a client makes an appointment
Recurring Appointments
Schedule a whole series of daily, weekly or monthly recurring appointments in seconds
Works On All Devices
Access and manage your schedule from anywhere, on any device phone, tablet or desktop

Control your Client List

Store all your client information including notes on client profile, appointments and product purchases. Quickly get a summary of clients past and upcoming appointments. Easily merge duplicate client information and keep your client list clean at all times.

Client List Management
Fast Search
Quickly find clients by name, phone, email, address, etc. Look up client appointment & purchase history with ease.
Message Clients
Keep your clients up to date when you're traveling or let them know about a special you're advertising.
Client List Report
Powerful filter options to view clients such as who have not visited in a while, have (or never had) specific service, product, staff.
automated reminders and confirmations

Reminders & Confirmations

Communicating with clients personally can be time-consuming and unreliable. Automate email/text reminders and confirmations so clients know where they need to be and when.

Customizable Reminders
You decide when clients receive confirmations, reminders, follow-ups, etc..
Appointment Confirmations
Automated clients confirmation requests to reduce no-shows.
Your Branding
Make it your own by adding your website, notes, logo, brand colors, images and social media links.

Follow Ups

Automatically send follow-up messages to clients who have not scheduled their next appointment

follow up email
Build Brand Loyalty
Like all messages sent to your clients from Schedule Anyone the message includes your branding: your logo, your message, your website, your social media
Set it + Forget it
Select the number of days or weeks after the appointment you want the follow-up to be sent
Customize by Service
You can create custom messages for different types of services and have them set at different times
Free Website

Free Website

Create your online presence - showcase your services, client testimonials and allow a fast and direct contact to you. Your clients are already there - you just need to let them find you.

Real-time updates
Easy to edit & maintain: Changes made to your contact info, services, staff and pricing display on the website in real-time
Beautiful Layouts
Beautiful responsive layouts designed for your business and optimized for aesthetics and speed on any device
Optimized For Results
Launch in minutes with minimal work: optimized for Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, etc..

Branded Mobile App

Take your business to a whole new level by offering your clients your own custom branded mobile app for your business. Your clients can use the many features including booking appointments, request appointment, account details, history, gift vouchers and much more.

custom mobile app
Digital Business Card
Give customers the 21st century business card, an app for your business
Increase Appointments
Customers visit more often when they have your app on their phone
Real-time updates
After we do the hard working of creating your app, it is easy for you to make changes by simply updating your profile in Schedule Anyone
point of sale

Point of Sale

Take payments on any device. Our secure & feature rich platform makes it easy for your clients to pay for services & products while providing maximum protection of your clients financial identity.

Easy Checkout
Quickly process any payment with support to easily manage your tips, tax, cash drawer, gift cards, loyalty, discounts, and commission
Customized Receipts
Print, text, and email receipts with your branding, logo, website, and message; supports multiple payments on 1 ticket and 1 payment for multiple tickets
Automaticly apply discounts for specific services, products, or combination of services and/or products; with ability to only apply discount on certain days and/or time of day

Credit Card Processing

We offer simple and reliable payment processing to take payments online, in person, as well as securely store cards on file for reliable payment processing; reduce the cost of no shows with booking deposits and cards on file

credit card processing
Low Transation Fees
With low transaction fees and easy merchant account setup, you won't face any technical problem and your business would be ready to accept payments within days.
Mobile Card Readers
Mobile credit card reader and app that allows your business to quickly accept any credit/debit card on a smartphone or tablet (as well as any computer)
Reduced Liablity & Costs
Our system uses encryption & tokenization to reduce your costs and PCI-compliance burden, while providing maximum security.
Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Invite potential clients to experience your brand with gift cards. Our digital gift card management tools make it easy to create, sell and track gift cards.

Increase Sales
Deliver ultimate convenience to your clients. When its easy to do business with you, they'll visit again and again.
Track Gift Cards
Easily track your gift card sales and redemptions with the reporting tools built into Schedule Anyone
Your Branding
Give your gift cards a look that's unique to your business by adding your logo, your brand colors and images.

Loyalty Program

Turn your guests into loyal clients using our a loyalty program. Reward clients for referrals, pre-booked appointments and retail purchases. Easily customize to suit your business needs.

Loyalty Program
Increase Repeat Clients
Loyal regular clients means increased repeat sales and less money spent on marketing efforts.
Easy to Setup & Use
Loyalty program is super easy to setup in Schedule Anyone. Your front desk staff & clients won't break a sweat using it.
Loyalty Reports
Know your clients. Who are your best clients? How many regulars this week? Get insights on your client data.
Online Booking

Online Booking

Save time by outsourcing scheduling to your clients

Clients cannot see your schedule, instead they search for availability
Restrict Access
Set which type of client (or specific clients) can book and when they can book
Require Payment
Can require deposit, full payment, or card-on-file for client to book appointment (or just require payment for specific clients)
Your Business, Your Brand!
Send clients to your website + app (not an online directory with all your competitors)
Email & Text Alerts
Get an text and/or email notification when a client makes an appointment
Customize by Staff
Each staff can configure how online booking works for them

Easy Appointment Requests

Appointment Requests are like online booking but you have to confirm the request before the client can get on your calendar, here is how it works:

  1. Client requests appointment selecting service(s) and date/time
  2. You receive an email with appointment request and Schedule Anyone includes if time is available (if not we'll let you know the best alternative)
  3. You can confirm the appointment with 2 clicks which will send the client an appointment confirmation
  4. Or you can respond to the client and setup the appointment at a different time

Easy Appointment Requests
Waiting List Integration
When appointment request is made by the client, the request is automatically added to your Waiting List so you can easily keep track of your appointment requests (until you create the appointment or cance the request)
Take Control
Customize the appointment request page and control what options clients can see to request (such as which services and which staff)
Even More Control
Like Online Booking, but with more control
Staff Payroll management

Wait List Management

Stop turning away interested clients and let your brand be known for its amazing customer experience by offering interested clients the opportunity to join your waitlist when you’re all booked up. Clients can join the wait list from anywhere and they can receive alerts so they always updated on the wait times.

Alert Clients
Automatically text client when they are next in line
When waiting list request is for the current day and the person in front of them is removed from the waiting list setup Schedule Anyone to text the next client (can also text next 2,3, or 4 clients)
Client Access
Can turn on access to your waiting list on your website + app
Have Schedule Anyone auto open/close your waiting list everyday
Change Order
You can easily change the order of clients in your waiting list by simply dragging a client up/down on the list

First Available

Drive appointments and walk-ins to the right team members. Easily distribute appointments evenly across your team using the drag/drop interface.

First Available Support
Appointment Search
Searching for 'First Available' looks at how many staff you have working at the desired time, what services each staff perform, and then returns openings for "First Available" based on availability
Online Booking
Can restrict online booking so clients only book appointments with "First Available" and then at your convenience you assign the client to the desired staff
Take Control
First Available allows you to enable features like online booking, appointment requests, online waiting list, and/or the client self sign-in screen without changing how staff are assigned appointments

Interactive Reports

Interactive mobile-friendly reports allow you to drill down into the details. Easily and quickly analyze sales trends, review staff utilization, and easily adjust settings based on customer demand directly from the report

Press any value in any report for more information about that value in the report such as: how it was calculated, what it means, links to other related reports, and access to change relevant settings
All reports can be run, filtered, and sorted in seconds
No more waiting for information
Powerful Filters
All reports can be filtered with some reports offering hundreds of different filter criteria | the information you need is in Schedule Anyone

Staff Management

Each staff member is unique so you need a system that is extremely customizable for each staff
Easily setup and manage hourly staff, commission staff, and independent contractors

Staff Management
Staff Roles
Give staff the information they need and not more than needed. Designate what each staff can access & perform with 9 different staff roles
Set staff goals then easily track progress visually with the dozens of charts available on the Staff Goal Reports
Customize by Staff
So customizable that each staff can be their own business, with all the benefits of everything run under the same front desk
Staff Payroll management


Running payroll by hand can be messy and error prone Schedule Anyone saves you hundreds of hours per year by automating payroll

Customize product and service commission plans for each staff member
Clock In/Out
Staff can clock in/out through the mobile app, website or whatever suits your business
Timesheets can be automatically included in payroll or require your approval

Multi-Location Support

Easily manage multiple locations or even completely different businesses from the same sign-in

Multi-Location Support
One Calendar
Staff can work at multiple locations and use one calendar. Appointment search checks if staff working at other locations.
Staff Permissions
Manage staff permissions by location.
Client Profile
Client profile shows service and product purchase history across locations.

Inventory Management

Maintain accurate stock counts, track cost, reduce errors, and avoid time consuming manual entry. Inventory reports allow you to compile and analyze inventory levels by brand, category, product line, SKU, or individual customer purchase order history.

Quick & Easy Setup
Hundreds of pre-loaded product categories out of the box ready to improve the way you do business
We can upload your products for you from another system or from a purchase order
Track Inventory
Automaticly tracks cost and stock levels
Easily sell and return products
Manage invoices and orders
Automated Re-ordering
Automatic generate an order based on previous sales and/or desired stock levels

Client Self Check-In

Self Sign-In allows clients to sign themselves in for appointments/class
Unshackle your administrative staff from the front desk

Customer Self Check-In
Build Client List
Create opportunity to collect client information for later email/text marketing campaigns
Check-In Alerts
Alert sent to staff when their client signs in
Improved Guest Experience
Create a modern and convenient check-in experience with no lines and no waiting for clients and walk-ins


Incentivize clients to visit more often and increase your bottom line using Memberships. Bundle together complementary services and products for your clients.

Easy Setup
Easily setup memberships by choosing the services & products, setting the rules for prices and/or discounts and duration
Manage Memberships
Memberships can be easily sold & redeemed: automatically charge clients each membership period using their card on file
Increased Productivity
Memberships provide guaranteed appointments as well as opportunity to increase revenue by with upselling & add-ons

Events & Classes

Easily setup and manage continuing education classes, hands-on workshops or events. We have made the feature flexible to handle your classes, no matter how they work.

Events and Classes
Smart Schedule
View all your classes in a single calendar. Easily update classes and notify attendees.
Self Check-In
Save a ton of time by allowing attendees to Self Check-In to classes and events.
Manage on the go
Manage your classes and events directly from your mobile device, anytime, from anywhere.

Happy Customers

Portrait Photo of Omar, Owner of Bonafide Barbershop
Omar - Owner, Bonafide Barbershop
Using Schedule Anyone changed our business, we got busier quicker because of how easy it is to use for us and the clients... that’s the main game changer, it's easier for everybody who uses it for us or the clients.
Portrait Photo of Blake, Owner of Hair Revival Studio
Blake - Owner, Hair Revival
I want everybody to know I absolutely love Schedule Anyone software and the people behind it they’re genuine; they have helped me in so many ways.
Portrait Photo of Robert, Owner of Robert Andrew Habeeb
Robert - Robert Andrew Habeeb
I would recommend Schedule Anyone to all hairstylist and salon owners...It really has made my business a lot easier.
Craft and Co Salon Logo
Craft & Co Salon
ScheduleAnyone had helped me the most giving my staff ability to look at their schedule online they can book their clients at the salon or away from the salon it’s very easy to use and user friendly.
Kmangel77 - App Store
I just opened a salon and was looking for an easy way to schedule clients. This app not only lets me schedule clients, I can also add personal reminders to the calendar. If you want to be organized this app is a great business tool.
Jonathan Rundle - Google Play
This app lets me schedule and rearrange appointment as needed in a handy user interface. It's easy for me, I deliver good customer experiences and all-in-all makes me look good! I recommend this app to a lot of my friends who do scheduling.

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Data Upload

We help you upload your existing client list, product list, appointment history, etc.

Free Support

We'll help you reach your full business potential and that's why we offer so much more than just exceptional salon management software.

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