click role Admin Manager Receptionist Limited Receptionist Full Calendar Independent Employee Read-Only Inactive
Permissions Admin Manager Receptionist Limited Receptionist Full Calendar Independent Employee Read-Only Inactive
View personal calendar
View all staff's calendar
Access to activity view ?
Access to reminder view ?
Access to resource view ?
Create and edit appointments for themselves or other staff
A search is required to create appointments for other staff ?
View and edit recurring appointments
Edit appointment price ?
Waiting List
View and edit personal waiting list
View and edit waiting list for all staff
Staff notified when client added to their waiting list
View and edit client contact information ? *✔ *✔ *✔ *✔
Create new clients?
Merge and delete client profiles?
Access to client appointment history and note history? *
Add images to appointment?
Add, Update, Delete Custom Tags
Add Tags to client profile; add tag notes
Can add bonus loyalty points to clients
Can reset a client's password and email them their new login credentials
Profile Staff
Can create and delete staff ?
View and edit their own contact information and when to receive appointment alerts ?
View / Edit staff's service list ?
View / Edit edit when to send their own client's appointment confirmations and reminders
How / If they allow clients to book online booking ?
Set regular schedule ?
Can set most profile settings for all staff?
Set staff hourly wage and commission
Set staff permission and security settings ?
For multi-merchant business, can change staff to the staff's own merchant account
Staff can use their own merchant account so credit card transactions for their services go directly to their bank account
Change a staff member's security role ?
Can un-delete a staff profile
Profile Business
Edit your business' profile, hours, and services
Ability to hide certain service types from clients: on your website and online booking
Change color associated with a service type
Change the credit card used to pay Schedule Anyone
Change Advanced Profile Settings
View Advanced Profile Settings
Create/Update/Delete Add-On Fees
Create/Update/Delete Discounts
Customize Discounts and Add-On Fees for specific ticket
Edit Website, Galleries, and Online Booking Configuration ?
Edit website staff bio image and description *✔* *✔* *✔*
Can reset other staff members username and password ?
Can mark a staff login (like the front desk) to require password when create/update/delete appointment or make any profile changes for another staff?
Can mark devices as company devices?
Can restrict specified staff members to only be able to login on company devices
Can link to other businesses ?
Payment Processing * *
Process Credit Cards, Cash, Check, etc.. * * **
Link Tickets ?
Sell & Redeem Gift Cards
Product Inventory
Change each staffs' permission to sell products and accept payment for appointments
Set which staff can return products
Set which staff can add new products and which staff can edit product
Set which staff can view product cost
Set which staff can edit product cost
Set which staff can delete products
Set which staff can edit staff prices for products
Set which staff can create orders and which staff can edit orders
Set if staff can sell products through Schedule Anyone's invoice view, Point-of-Sale screen, or a simple in app calculator
Change staff service commission levels and hourly wage rate
Change staff service fees
Can override default commission per service on any ticket
Can see service commission, service fee, and service profit columns in reports
Access to view Payroll, Commission, and Timesheet reports
Can add/remove Payroll, Commission, and Timesheet access for other staff
Can enter password to change staff's clock-in or clock-out time ?
Report Overview
Each staff can see reports containing their own service and product sales data (except Limited Receptionist)
Can see all reports and all information in reports
Can see basic product sales reports and reports most helpful to managing the schedule
Reports have staff filter to filter reports to one or more staff members
Can change access to specific reports for any staff
Report List
Last 10 Sales
Last 10 Appointment Updates
Sales Summary
Sales Detail
Ticket History
Popular Sales
Client Referrals
Add-On Fees
Gift Card
Payment Summary
Payment Detail
Cash Drawer
Cash Drawer
Payment Incorrect
Payment Unpaid
Credit Card
Inventory Summary
Product Detail
Product List
Product Discounts
Product Returns
Staff Summary
Staff Goals
Staff Profiles
Staff Purchases
Client List * * *

Manager & Front Desk Roles

Used by owner / manager: full access to schedule, reports, and profile (staff, business, and advanced settings)

Used by front desk: full access to schedule, can see most reports but limited access on summary reports and service sales, also access to profile (staff and business, but cannot change advanced settings)

Use this role when need full access to schedule but no access to reports or profile

Staff Roles

These roles can only manage their own profile. Reports only show their own sales.

Only staff role that can see other staff member's calendar (Independent + Employee roles can create appointments for other staff by searching their schedule)

Full control of own schedule, profile, client list, and reports

Can create/edit/delete appointments, but cannot access client contact information or change services

Comparing Roles

Manager or Receptionist

Managers can change Advanced Settings, view/change commission rates and wages, and has full access to reports; Receptionists do not

Receptionist or Limited Receptionist

If access to reports, changing the business profile, and staff profiles is not needed then we suggest using the 'Limited Receptionist' role

Limited Receptionist or Full Calendar

Full Calendar is suggested for staff that perform services where the Limited Receptionist role is intended for front desk staff that need limited access beyond the schedule

Full Calendar or Independent role?

The primary difference between the Full Calendar and Independent roles is the Full Calendar can see other staff members calendar

Independent or Employee role?

The Independent role allows staff to fully customize how they work; the Employee role cannot change their services or access client contact information

Read-Only role?

Same as Employee role, but staff has view only access (Cannot make any changes)

Why use the Inactive role?

The Inactive role is helpful when you want quick access to a staff's schedule who is no longer active; this is typically only used temporarily before the staff is changed to a different role or deleted (staff can be un-deleted, see how)

Can I Adjust Permissions?

Yes, for example you can change who is allowed to accept payment and what inventory management permissions each person has (see how)