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What do the icons on appointments mean?

Appointment with Multiple Services
Appointment is Recurring
Client Requested Staff
Service has Finish Out (like a hair color service has a finish out at the end)
Text receipt to client
Email receipt to client
Search appointment, clients, etc..
Appointment has Product sale
Appointment has client request note
Appointment has image
Lamar School Client has tag / relationship
Open/Edit Staff Note Popup
Appointment has staff only note
27 Client has loyalty points
Client has a card-on-file
M Client has a membership
Client has gift card
Is an Outcall Appointment
Multiple tickets linked together, usually so all tickets can be checked out with one payment

Other Icons

Press this help icon for more information
pre Appointment is pre-booked
Forbid Online Booking for this Client
Client Un-subscribed from Marketing Emails
Client Un-subscribed from Marketing Texts
Clock-In/Out Staff
Open Cash Drawer (at top left of main calendar), display/hide this icon by going to Profile -> Advanced, Payment tab then press Cash Drawer button
Ticket/Appointment at different location (applies to businesses with more than 1 location)
Up arrow on day's header Appointment before start earliest time displayed on calendar (press day's header to view early appointment)
Down arrow on day's header Appointment after latest time displayed on calendar (press day's header to view late appointment)
Pen on day's header Normal start and/or end time for this day has been changed (by dragging grey area at begining or end of day the day up or down

How do I Create an Appointment?

Click on the calendar where you want to create an appointment. Or click the "Create" link at the top of every page.

This opens the create appointment box. If you clicked on the calendar the staff member, date, and time will already be populated.

  1. The client name will automatically be completed as you start to enter it.
  2. Select the service type and service from the drop down.

Save Note on Appointment?

Yes you can save a special request which can be seen by the client (if you have enabled online booking) as well as a staff only note.

Click the + add note link when creating an appointment or click the note icon when editing the appointment.

If there is a staff only note the note icon changes to:

Change Appointment Length?

You can simple hover over the bottom of the appointment and drag the bottom of the appointment to make the appointment longer or shorter. You can also click the time button when creating or editing an appointment.

If the appointment has processing or finish out time the button will be orange

Add Service to Appointment?

Click the + Add Service link when creating or editing an appointment. One appointment can have up to 5 services.

Change Appointment Price?

Click the price $120 at the upper left hand corner of the create appointment or edit appointment box.

You can change prices, add discounts, add products, and set payment method (including support for multiple payment methods). You can also print or email the receipt to the customer.

Create Recurring Personal Appointments (lunch, regular time off, etc)?

Click on the appointment that you want to make recurring and at the bottom right corner click on Make Recurring and fill out the recurring section as desired.

Create Recurring Client Appointment?

There are several ways to do this. One is to drag the appointment to the next desired date and clicking the "Create Appointment" button on the confirmation popup. It is easiest to do this on the Month view.

Also, on the edit appointment box you can click on Book Again to create a copy of the appointment.

Change Service Order on Appointment with many services?

On the calendar simply drag and drop the services in the desired order.

Vertical Bars on Appointments?

On the calendar, appointments that have been confirmed via text or email reminder or through a phone call from your business will have a vertical color bar indicating the appointments confirmation status

  • Dark blue indicates text confirmation
  • Light blue indicates email confirmation
  • Client un-confirmed through text or email confirmation

    When the client un-confirms they immediately see either

    1. A large popup asking them to call to cancel (click to see the popup)
    2. Or a call/edit the appointment popup (if they are allowed to edit the appointment)

  • Green indicates phone confirmation
    See next question below for how to set phone reminder status
  • Left message when called for phone call reminder
  • No response when called for phone call reminder
  • Wrong Number when called for phone call reminder

Mark Client Phone Call Confirmations?

To mark that you made a phone call confirmation on the reminder view check the box in the Phone column.

If you need to write a note or set a phone confirmation status other than 'confirmation' click the date to open the phone reminder popup

Add Image to Appointment?

  1. Open Appointment, then open note popup by the pressing note icon on the right of the edit appointment popup

To mark that you made a phone call confirmation on the reminder view check the box in the Phone column.

If you need to write a note or set a phone confirmation status other than 'confirmation' click the date to open the phone reminder popup

Add a Client?

When you create an appointment you can just enter the client name and when you click save it will open the add client popup with the name already populated.

You can enter more information about the client now or just click save. (You can save even more infomation about the client by going to the client's profile).

How do I lookup a client?

To pull up a client's profile, enter the client name in the search box that is at the top of every page.

If you enter two letters and space and two more letters (such as "br bo") it will search for clients where the first 2 digits of last name + first name match (for example "br bo" --> finds "Brian Bober")

You can also search by phone number (it will ignore area code, unless you enter more than 4 numbers).

Also, if you say the client's name anywhere (for eample: when editing an appointment, in any report, etc) just click their name to pull up their profile.

Set How Long Before Appointment Client Can Create/Update/Delete Appointment?

In your profile go to the Business tab and change:

Clients can CREATE appointments until  hours before the appointment date

Clients can UPDATE appointments until  hours before the appointment date

Change Calendar Date?

In the calendar header click the date range on the calendar's header

This opens the datepicker so you can quickly navigate the calendar to any date.

Allow staff to clock-in/out?

Press the clock in/out icon which is in the top left corner above the main calendar

If you do not see the clock in/out icon go to the Commonission report and assign staff an hourly wage (must be logged in as manager or admin)

For the clock in/out icon to show up on the main calendar when logged in as a receptionist

  1. Login as manager or admin
  2. Go to Profile -> Security
  3. Give Device a name (any name you can use to identify that device)
  4. Logout, then login as a receptionist

Change Normal Business Hours?

In your profile go to the Hours tab

Change Normal Business Hours, for specific staff member?

In your profile go to the manage staff page, and click on the days you work.

Change Hours I Work on a Specific Day?

You can change your open or close time for a specific day by:

  1. Navigating to that specific day in the calendar's Day View
  2. Hover over the edge of that day's off time
  3. Click and drag the edge to adjust that day's open or close time

If a day's open and/or close time is adjusted you will see the edit pen icon on the left day's header

Change Time Range on Calendar?

You can change the start time and/or end time of your calendar by going to your profile, clicking on My Normal Hours and changing:

Your Personal Calendar Time Range -


By default the calendar’s time range is your Regular Business Hours earliest start time and last end time. So if Monday-Friday you work 9:00 am - 6:00 pm and on Saturday you work 8:00 am - 5:00 pm then your calendar's start time is 8:00 am and end is 6:00 pm.

Appointment Outside Hours Displayed on Calendar?

Any day that has an appointment that either ends before your calendar's beginning time or starts after your calendar's ending time will have a purple header. (In month view and activity view that appointment will be displayed along with all your other appointments.)

To view the off hours appointment

  1. In the calendar's day view, navigate to the day with the off hours appointment.
  2. Click the purple header
  3. You'll see the off hour appointment(s) that you have that day.
  4. Click the appointment date to view or edit that appointment.

How Bookmark Calendar in Web Browser?

Simply go to and add the bookmark.

When are Text Messages sent (will I get a text message at 2:00 am?)

Text messages are only sent from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm or during normal business hours (if your normal business hours start before 9:00 am or end after 9:00 pm).

If a text message is scheduled to be sent between 5:00 pm and midnight it is sent at 5:00 pm. If a text message is scheduled to be sent between midnight and 9:00 am it is sent at 9:00 am. For example, if text message is scheduled to be sent at 6:00 am, then it will be sent at 9:00 am. How could that happen? If you have configured text message reminders to your clients 4 hours before the appointment time; then, if you have an appointment at 10:00 am, the text message reminder would be scheduled to be sent at 6:00 am, but instead it will be sent at 9:00 am.

When are Client Confirmation Emails Sent?

Confirmation emails are sent to clients when a new appointment is created or moved to a different date or the special request field is changed.

Confirmations are sent to clients on a 10 minute delay if the change was made by a staff member. Often multiple updates are made 2-3 minutes and this avoids spamming clients with multiple confirmation messages.

When are Staff Appointment Alerts Sent?

Alert email and text messages are sent to staff when a new appointment is created or moved to a different date or the special request field is changed.

Alerts are sent on a 10 minute delay, this is because often multiple updates are made within 2-3 minutes and this avoids sending multiple messages. The only exception to this is if the changed appointment occurs within an hour then the text message alert is sent immediately.

Alerts are not sent to a staff member when they update their own appointment because they should know about that update.

Customize Messages Sent Clients?

You can customize your emails to clients at:

Getting Started

Anytime you add a new brand or product line you can send ScheduleAnyone the product order (just ask for a receipt as a spreadsheet) and we will upload the products into the system for you

You can add and edit products, brands, product lines, categories, orders, and audits through the create and edit buttons at the top of the Manage Inventory Screen

Use the Filter Row to filter what products are displayed; press the Reset button to reset the filter

How Do I Order Products?

Gold Package Only

We created this tutorial of how to create an order, send the order to your product distributor, then receive the order - which adds the products to your inventory

Product Order Tutorial

Pressing the button above allows you to view the tutorial but not create orders; if you want to use this feature contact ScheduleAnyone and we can upgrade you to the Gold Package to try it out for free for 30 days

Contact ScheduleAnyone

How Change Staff Inventory Permissions?

Gold Package Only

Login with the manager or admin role, then go to Profile -> Staff and by pressing the far right column for any staff you can set the permissions for that staff

How Add Service or Change Services I Offer?

In your profile click on My Services . This will list all the services offered by the business.  You can select what services you offer.  If you leave the price and minutes blank it will use the business’ defaults.


So if, by default, the business lists a finish out or processing time for a service but you do not have one just enter “0” (zero).  For example, if the default (for the entire business) is to have a 30 minute finish out and you don't do a finish out; then set the finish out time to "0" minutes.

Add, Edit, or Remove Discount?

On the Manage Discount page you can create discounts that should always apply based on different rules or can optionally be applied.  Discounts are either a dollar amount or a percentage of the matching purchased products/services.


Discounts can only apply during a certain date range (or leave the date range empty if you want the discount to never expire).  Discounts can also be set to apply only when a minimum purchase amount is reached.


Discounts can also be applied based on a specific combination of products and/or services (such as when a client: does both a manicure and pedicure; gets a massage and buys a product; buys a certain combination of products; etc.). 

Track Client Referrals?

On the Manage Referrals page you can add, edit, and remove different types of referrals.  You can even have the system automatically apply a discount to the client’s first purchase. 


Enter an expiration date if you want the referral to expire (for example: a few weeks after an advertising campaign ends) otherwise just leave that field blank.


You can enter the referral when you create a client (When you create a new client with a referral, that referral is automatically added to their first appointment)

Or you can go to the client’s profile and set how they were originally referred to you:


Or you can set a client’s referral for a specific appointment from the edit appointment box by clicking on the staff note icon and selecting the referral from the drop down.  This is useful if you have an existing client who you may not have seen for a while return based on an advertisement or because of a coupon.

Add Book Online banner to my Website?

Please login to see your banner information.

Add Book Online Button to my Website?

Please login to see your banner information.

Services Only Staff Can See

In your profile go to the Services tab and click the 'Add Service Type' button or click on the service group that you would like to edit.

Click lock in the upper right hand corner of the edit service type popup and select 'Staff Only' then click 'Save'.  

If you have questions about something in ScheduleAnyone click or hover over it for more information

How Create Appointment 1, 2, 3, 4, ... Weeks from Today?

When opening any date picker and selecting a day you can easily see the number of weeks from today on the left side.


All reports in ScheduleAnyone are interactive; filter the data, change the date range, press numbers in the reports to see how the number was calculated, etc..

  • When viewing a report simply press any value for more information
  • On any report, press the column header to sort the report by those values
  • Start with the reports highlighted in Green on the Reports menu

Print Staff Sales

Conveniently give staff their sales list at the end of the day or week

  1. On the Main Menu go to Reports -> Sales -> Detail
  2. Press the Print button (located on the left, above the Report)

Quickly Open A Staff's Service List on the Calendar

  • On the Front Desk Calendar: + click a staff name in the header (at the top of the calendar), this will display the service list for that staff member

What are the shortcut keys?

All Pages

  • + G Focus on search box (in the upper right corner of the screen)
  • + C Open Create Appointment Box
  • + A On Create or Edit Appointment Popup, Add Service
  • + R On Create or Edit Appointment Popup, Remove Service
  • + S Save
  • + P Print
  • F11 Put Application in Full Screen | Exit Full Screen
  • ESC Close Any Popup | Cancel Any Appointment Drag/Drop


  • + F Toggle Between: Fit Report to Screen / Display All Columns


  • + Previous Day ( In Week View is Previous Week, in Month View is Previous Month )
  • + Next Day ( In Week View is Next Week, in Month View is Next Month )
  • + Previous Week ( On week view is previous month, month view is previous year )
  • + Next Week ( On week view is previous month, month view is previous year )
  • + T Navigate to today
  • + H Navigate to Main Calendar (i.e. Home)
  • + D Switch to Day View
  • + W Switch to Week View
  • + M Switch to Month View

Calendar's Week View

  • + 1 Switch to Day View, and go to Sunday
  • + 2 Switch to Day View, and go to Monday
  • + 3 Switch to Day View, and go to Tuesday
  • + 4 Switch to Day View, and go to Wednesday of the current week
  • + 5 Switch to Day View, and go to Thursday
  • + 6 Switch to Day View, and go to Friday
  • + 7 Switch to Day View, and go to Saturday

Calendar's Month View

  • + 1 Switch to Week View, and go to the first week of the month
  • + 2 Switch to Week View, and go to the second week of the month
  • + 3 Switch to Week View, and go to the third week of the month
  • + 4 Switch to Week View, and go to the fourth week of the month
  • + 5 Switch to Week View, and go to the fifth week of the month

Add Shortcut to your phone's Home Screen

  • Here are the instructions to add the "SA" icon to your phone's home page:
  • Android:
    1. Open the browser and go to
    2. Press the menu button (the button to the left of your home button, on the bottom of your phone)
    3. Press "Add shortcut"
  • iPhone:
    1. Open the browser and go to
    2. At the bottom of the screen you'll see an icon depicting an arrow that is pointing up out of a box. Click this icon
    3. Click "Add to Home Screen"
    4. At the top-right corner of the page click "Add"

Setup Kiosk Mode

  1. Go to this url and then click "Ctrl" + S to download the image Schedule Anyone Icon
  2. Right click the Google Chrome shortcut and select "Properties"
  3. Go to the "Shortcut" tab and in the "Target" input box enter this after the link to the chrome exe:
     --kiosk --kiosk-printing 
  4. Click the "Apply" button so your Target should look like this:
     "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --kiosk --kiosk-printing 
  5. Click the "Change Icon" button and enter the path to where you saved the Schedule Anyone icon in step 1
  6. Close all your browser windows and click on your new Schedule Anyone icon to open Schedule Anyone in kiosk mode
    Congratulations you can now use Schedule Anyone in full-screen mode and receipts will print automatically

Exit Kiosk Mode

Different computers require different ways to exit kiosk mode

  • Apple Computer
    • Hover your cursor over the top left corner of the screen until you see the window bar. Then click the Exit full-screen button (It's red and looks like an X)
    • Use the keyboard shortcut: Control + Command + F
  • Window Computer
    • hold + press
  • Another Option
    • Press the 'Exit' option at the bottom of the screen
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