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menu of services - feet/Calf//knee Neck (60 minutes) - $60 •This session involves a feet/calf/knee treatment for about 50 minutes, followed by a brief session of neck therapy that typically lasts for 10 minutes. - feet/Calf/knee/Neck (45 minutes) - $45 •Similar to the 60-minute session, but with a shorter duration. - feet/calf/knee/Neck/Shoulder(90minutes)- $90 • The therapist will focus on shoulder and neck massages for the last 15 minutes. This session includes foot soaking, foot massage, hot stones, and cucumber lotion. - feet/calf/knee/neck/shoulder (75 min ) - $ 75 • Similar to the 90-minute session, but with a shorter duration - Neck and Shoulders (30 minutes) - $50 • This session is dedicated to neck shoulder arms. Enjoy our services a in Cozy chairs. We look forward to serving you!