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Reflexology / foot massage

Reflexology / foot massage

**90-Minute Tranquil Escape: Foot, Calf, Neck, and Shoulder Retreat** Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with our 90-minute sanctuary, meticulously designed to rejuvenate your body and soothe your soul. Your journey commences with a 50-minute foot treatment, seamlessly accompanied by a 10-minute foot soak. Simultaneously, bask in the soothing embrace of a neck massage, igniting your sense of calm. **45-Minute Foot, Calf, and Neck Bliss - $45** Experience an abbreviated version of our 60-minute offering. This 45-minute session echoes its longer counterpart, focusing on foot and calf therapy for 35 minutes while concurrently embracing the tranquility of a neck massage. **75-Minute Complete Harmony: Foot, Knee, Neck, and Shoulder Fusion - $75** Elevate your experience with our harmonious 75-minute session. Immerse your feet in a soothing soak, indulge in a foot massage, and relish the comforting warmth of hot stones. As the session concludes, your shoulders and neck are lavished with 15 minutes of focused care, leaving you perfectly balanced and recharged. **30-Minute Neck and Shoulder Revival - $50** Short on time but in need of rejuvenation? Our 30-minute neck and shoulder session is tailored to your busy schedule. Dive into targeted relief, and emerge ready to conquer the day. With every session, every minute is dedicated to your wellness. Choose your path to tranquility and experience the art of relaxation and renewal.

  • 75min feet/knee/neck/shoulder $75

  • 60min feet/calf /knee/neck $60

  • 45min feet/calf/neck $45

  • 30 mins neck /shoulder $50

  • 30min feet/ calf $30

  • 90 min feet/knee/neck/shoulder $90

  • 60min neuropathy nerve relief(cbd oils) $70