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Reflexology / foot massage

Reflexology / foot massage

1 Hot pad available now.2 (Arnica oils )custom blend cucumber lotions for joint pain relief. 3 calf massages added to the session.

  • 75min foot/calf/neck/shoulder $75

  • 60min foot/calf /neck $60

  • 60min foot /calf $60

  • 45min foot/calf/neck $45

  • 45min foot /calf $45

  • 30min foot/ calf/neck $30

  • 30min foot/calf $30

Digital gift cards

We offer digital gift cards for clients. Ideas for Birthday or Mother’s Day gifts for your family and friends.when you Book online first,Check with date and time. One of our staff cindy/alex will call you (withnumber9785398966 )the time you booked. And Answer the phone and give us text numbers both you and person who receives gifts cards.purchase with credit card. Note: gift cards are QR codes. 2. Requests text messages (emails not recommended). 3 after creating appt sign-in is optional.

  • Phone sell (5 min less) $500