Eyelash Extensions

Strip Lash Application (lashes included)20 minutes$25
Eyelash Removal45 minutes$40
Classic Lash extensions 2 hours$130
Classic lash fill (current clients)1 hour 10 minutes$65
Hybrid Lash Extention Set(light volume)2 hours 30 minutes$150
Hybrid Lash Fill(current clients)1 hour 15 minutes$75.00
Volume full set2 hours 50 minutes$180
Volume fill(current clients)1 hour 25 minutes$80
Mega volume full set3 hours$200
Mega volume fill1 hour 35 minutes$100
Classic fill on outside work 1 hour 15 minutes$80
Hybrid fill outside work 1 hour 25 minutes$90
Volume fill on outside work 1 hour 55 minutes$100
Mega volume fill outside work2 hours$120
Lash lift and tint 24 hour patch test required1 hour 30 minutes$125
Strip Lash Application with 3D Mink lashes20 minutes$25

Facial Skin Treatments

Signature Facial 55 minutes$85
Express microdermabrasion 45 minutes$75
Acne Facial45 minutes$90
Back Facial30 minutes$60
Student Facial-w/Ezyme (valid student ID)50 minutes$75
Signature Facial with Chemial Peel 1 hour$120
Signature Facial - w/ Ezyme Treatment 1 hour$95
Signature Hydro Dermabrasion1 hour$125

Makeup Application/Enhancements

Special Event Makeup /w 3D Mink Strip lashes1 hour$85
Bridal Makeup 1 hour 30 minutes$185
Makeup Lesson/ Makeup 1012 hours$200
Cosmetic Brow Fill20 minutes$20
Special Event Makeup w/ Cluster Lashes1 hour 30 minutes$125
Everyday Woman Makeup Lesson 1 hour 15 minutes$100

Body Waxing

Brazilian Wax ( Includes Inner backside)1 hour$55
Brazilian Wax w/ ( Vajacial & Jelly Mask)1 hour 40 minutes$125
Signature Brazilian Wax ( includes stomach/landing strip1 hour$65
Brazilian w/ Ingrown Treatment Mask (extractions not included) 1 hour 10 minutes$75
Brazilian w/ Full Butt Wax 1 hour 15 minutes$85
Brazilian w/ Numbing Cream( applied 40minutes before service) 1 hour 40 minutes$90
Bikini Line 20 minutes$35
Butt Wax 40 minutes$30
Butt Wax Inner 15 minutes$20
Full Leg Wax 1 hour$75
Half Leg Wax40 minutes$45
Full Arm Wax 1 hour$65
Half Arm Wax30 minutes$37
Chest Wax 40 minutes$55
Stomach Wax ( more than 1 strip of hair removed)30 minutes$30
Back Wax w/ Neck40 minutes$75
Underarm Wax20 minutes$25
Underarm Wax w/ Illuminating Treatment ( aftercare product included)40 minutes$55
Brazilian Wax with Inner Thigh Wax1 hour 15 minutes$85
Brazilian Wax with Ingrown Treatment & Extractions1 hour 30 minutes$95
Back Wax ( Neck Not Included) 30 minutes$60


Vajacial w/ Jelly Mask40 minutes$80
Brazilian w/Vajacial/Jelly Mask1 hour 30 minutes$125
Brazilian w/Ingrown Treatment1 hour 15 minutes$75
Vajacial Package (6) includes Brazilian 1 hour 30 minutes$600

Facial Waxing

Eyebrow Waxing25 minutes$20
Lip Wax15 minutes$15
Chin Wax20 minutes$20
Nose Wax15 minutes$15
Ears Wax15 minutes$15
Sideburn20 minutes$20
Neck Wax20 minutes$25
Extended Chin Wax (includes Neck Area)Starting@45 minutes$50
Lip Chin & Sideburn30 minutes$50
Full Face Wax ( Includes Eyebrows) 50 minutes$65
Eyebrow Wax & Tinting ( Tinting requires a 24 hr patch test before service)35 minutes$45
Eyebrow Wax & Henna (24 hr patch test required)50 minutes$70
Extended Chin Wax w/ Hair Be Gone Treatment (aftercare product included) 50 minutes$80


Brow tint 24 hours patch test required before service 20 minutes$25
Lash tint 24 hours patch test required before service 25 minutes$25
Lash and brow tint 24 hours patch test required before service 35 minutes$35
Brow Henna 24 patch test required before service 45 minutes$50
Brow Lamination 48 patch test required before service 50 minutes$75
Brow Lamination w/ Tint 48 hour patch test required before service 1 hour$95
Cosmetic Brow Fill In 20 minutes$20

Gentlemen Body Waxxpress

Gent Manzilian Modified 1 hour$85
Gent Manzilian 1 hour 30 minutes$125
Gent Manzilian 4 weeks maintenance ( current clients) 1 hour$75
Gent Inner Backside1 hour$40

Patch test

Patch test(tint/henna/lamination10 minutes$0

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